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Content Downloading?

January 21, 2010


For me, the trouble with Spotify/downloading music/We7 etc is the flicking. Everybody ‘knows’ loads of new bands and can stand in the pub and ask ‘have you heard of such and such?’ but you don’t really get to know the music this way. I’m sure most people can still remember teenage days, when you bought […]

The Presence of Giants

January 15, 2010


We are all aware of the ever-increasing dominance of chain stores on our high streets, the ominously encroaching blandness. I recently went back to a town that for a long time I called home and there experienced the disappointment of seeing the rather harrowing sight of a familiar little independent shop having been replaced by […]

First Entry

January 13, 2010


Over the past six months I have travelled what I am sure is a much trodden metaphorical path, from ‘I will never blog’ via, ‘blogging could be useful’, ‘to blog or not to blog’, ‘I could have blogged by now’, to here; blogging. I am a part one year out architecture student and I intend […]