Content Downloading?

Posted on January 21, 2010


For me, the trouble with Spotify/downloading music/We7 etc is the flicking. Everybody ‘knows’ loads of new bands and can stand in the pub and ask ‘have you heard of such and such?’ but you don’t really get to know the music this way. I’m sure most people can still remember teenage days, when you bought an album not knowing when you’d buy another, you listened to that album, the good tracks and the bad, really got under the skin. If something is free I suppose it’s only natural that it become more throwaway. So what are the connotations for music? Even now when I listen to a lot of bands that are recommended to me it all too often falls into what I like to refer to as easy listening, a kind of ‘laboratory indie’ to coin a phrase. It’s pleasant enough but there’s nothing life changing there, not for me at least. Ok, so life changing records can’t be expected to come along all the time otherwise they would probably cease to exist but I just find it so, what’s the word, ‘meh’?

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