Posted on February 3, 2010


It seems to me that as a generation we harbour a huge portion of people that are working in ‘unskilled’ or unspecialised jobs. A great deal of this number are intelligent, sometimes highly educated, people.

It leads me to think about Buckminster Fuller and his thoughts on specialization and how, as others have mentioned before, as humans our core quality when compared to other animals is that we don’t specialize. Most, if not all, animals are equipped with ‘built-in’ specialist tools to aid them in their own particular habitat where as we create tools for ourselves allowing us to adapt to different environments and situations.

Could it be that we are becoming less inclined to specialize in a certain trade? What are the implications of this? We still depend on specialists to help us with certain aspects of our lives. Is it just a matter of excess population and a low percentage of specialists required? Maybe it is a sign of impatience or an unwillingness to commit to a single walk of life… Food for thought anyway.