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Wood Warbler

May 25, 2015


Shortly after dawn the shaggy New Forest ponies shuffle around in the low mist with the cows on the meadow as the sun slowly starts to heat the day. Among the trees the birds are vocally excited by the new day and there is warmth and shelter enough to keep the moisture at bay. The […]

Living Willow Dome Construction

January 15, 2011


The charismatic willow has a well-established presence in our minds, and not surprisingly, it has all sorts of cultural roles and traditional applications. Poets and writers are continuously captivated. It’s even possible the tree once stood at the very centre of spiritual folklore in this country when pagan belief said that a willow gave birth […]

Their Time Will Come

July 24, 2010


It always amuses me to see the way in which we ‘allow’ nature into our cities. Always with boundries and constraints; ‘you can live on our streets but you can never leave this three foot square’. I love to see nature breaking these rules, it gives me great pleasure to see a cantankerous old Plane […]